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It's All About You

A Compilation of Self-Describing Portraits

Below are individual explanations behind each photo

Music has always been a big part of my life. Ever since I can remember it has influenced my way of thinking and also been a coping mechanism. Almost anywhere I am able to I will have my headphones on or have a speaker playing music. I remember the thrill of hearing my favorite songs come on the radio - before portable devices were invented. Listening to tapes of the Disney sound tracks were some of the first experiences I had with music. I still remember being in first grade when my mom brought home our first CD player. From there I remember purchasing my first IPod when I was in 8th grade and the thrill of being able to purchase music from iTunes. My love for music has grown beyond the thrill of listening but also to the interest of understanding why it was made. I love learning about the artists I listen to and what inspired their work.

This image was taken using studio lighting. I feel it captures a natural relaxed look. I probably look a lot more serious than I actually feel half of the time.

Art is certainly an outlet for me. I love design and experimentation. It took me a while to grasp the concept that art does not have to be perfect, and that precieved flaws are actually what makes the pieces unique and human. That said I believe art should never be done half way. Sometimes it takes me a while to achieve the outcome I am looking for. The paintings behind me in the photo above are mixed media on canvas. The use of packing tape and paint is used. I currently have several pieces in this series and look to do more. Art allows me to separate my thoughts and anxieties from work.

Hiking has always been one of my favorite things to do. This photo is candid, and shows me walking a trail. Simple, but meaningful. Like art, hiking helps clear my mind and grasp the bigger picture.

Continuing with hiking - this picture was taken about haf way up Angel's Landing - during the switchbacks. Zion is an amazing place to be. Being from out east I carry it as a unique privilege to have knowledge and access of this part of the world and certainly encourage others to explore it if they get the chance.

I had this photo taken back home in Connecticut over christmas break. This beach is called "Weed Beach" and is about 5 minutes down the street from my house. The Long Island sound is behind me and on clear days you can see Manhattan in the distance. I come here often alone to read or reflect on life and come with my family as well almosy every Sunday if the weather is nice.

As of lately I have been working remotely full time. This photo is a pretty accurate representation of how my nights pan out. A lot of work on the computer.

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